Reyah Bible College is a nondenominational Bible and Christian college, offering convenient, flexible, affordable, high-quality biblical and Christian education for busy learners around the world either through evening classes, audio CDs or tapes, and/or streaming audio online. Be discipled and learn how to reach the lost and disciple them also.

Location: Sacramento, California, United States

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Reyah College has entered the blogosphere

You are warmly welcome to visit us at and check out what we have to offer in the way of courses and Bible tours for students who have busy lives and want to learn, develop and be better trained and equipped to serve the Lord wherever they are located.

Reyah College exists to provide accessible, convenient, flexible, time-efficient, yet affordable, high-quality Christian, biblical, theological, spiritual and leadership ministries education. Our goal is to enrich, disciple and equip our students to be effective and fruitful as they go about our Father's business. This is through an intensive course model provided in five-week segments with the options of evening classes, audio tapes or CD’s and/or materials through on-line delivery with Streaming Audio teaching. Students have the option of completing course work within one year of course registration.

We also conduct life changing, spiritually enriching, Bibically based, economical tours of Bible lands, where you can walk, see, touch and experience the roots of your faith.

Check out our site or send us a note at . God love ya!


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