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Sunday, November 27, 2005

First-rate Academic Courses

These high-quality college courses are categorized in the following sections: Bible, theology, leadership ministries, church history and languages. They constitute part of several degree programs and are taught by instructors who are spiritually dynamic and experts in their fields of study. To see the complete listing of offerings and programs, go to Here are descriptions of a few of the courses:

  • Biblical Backgrounds (An examination of the social and cultural contexts of the Bible that includes related physical, geographical and historical background information.)
  • Paul & Spiritual Growth (A study of the life [Acts], literature [epistles], and thought [theology] of the Apostle Paul and his spiritual development within his historical and cultural setting.)
  • End-Time Studies (Various views are presented in a study of apocalyptic literature, prophetic themes and end-time events as described mainly in the books of Daniel and Revelation.)
  • Biblical Tours - Israel (An academic, spiritual course incorporating a trip to the land of Israel, touring sites of major scriptural events and integrating knowledge of the land, culture and history of Israel with an understanding of Scripture.)
  • Biblical Tours - Greece/Turkey (A study of the life, person, faith development and spiritual development of the Apostle Paul and incorporating a trip to some of the locations he visited in Greece, the Greek Islands and Turkey.)
  • Evangelism & Missions (A study of various concepts of evangelism, developing a personal testimony with the gospel message, and incorporating bridge-building methods to minister in multicultural settings. Included in this study is the theology of missions, considering its biblical foundation, history, and current methodologies in a multicultural world.)
  • Theology & Doctrine (An overview of the major doctrines of Christianity, reviewing the basic views and Scripture pertaining to the topics of Revelation, Scripture, God, Holy Spirit, Christ, Angels, Man, Sin, Redemption, the Church and End-Time Events.)
  • Spiritual Growth (Consideration is given to the dynamics and process of spiritual formation based upon scriptural principles, which are foundational in great revivals of the past, individual spiritual growth and revitalization, and infusion of spiritual life in the awakening church of today. Included are the analysis of experiencing the presence of the holy God and the effects; the ministry of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts; faith and spiritual development; and the importance of praise, worship, prayer, fasting and the Word.)
  • Christ & Salvation (A study of the person and work of Christ with emphasis upon the completed work of Christ on the cross, freeing believers from sin and providing for their fellowship with the holy God.)
  • Defense of Christianity (A course which considers the validity and rationality of the Christian faith in today‚Äôs society. It provides a defense of the Christian faith in reason and logic while setting forth arguments for major Christian teachings.)

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