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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Books to aid in Christian understanding

Learn and grow from life-changing, spiritually alive books by Dr. J. A. Phillips. Enjoy reading the gospels as one integrated whole. Tour biblical lands through many photographs and descriptions in the tour manuals. Understand the background of the Bible and worship and grow in faith. Learn about the Apostle Paul, the Kinsman Redeemer, and especially the holy God. Be blessed and grow closer to our Lord.

Dr. Phillips, a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God, is President of Reyah College in Sacramento, California, and has a Ph.D. in Theology from Walden University and an M.A. in Bible and Theology from Simpson College.

Dr. Phillips is author of the "Logically Integrated Translation" (LIT) of the Gospels, which is beautifully illustrated with over 100 pictures of the Holy Land. This is not a "parallel" or "side-by-side" comparison. Dr. Phillips has taken the four gospels and integrated them into one, creating a complete story from beginning to end. The events of the gospels are laid out in chronological order whenever possible. You also will find four different type styles to denote from which one of the four gospels each portion comes, and all the words of Jesus are highlighted in red. Anyone interested in the gospels and the life of Jesus will find this book compelling.

Find out more information about this and other enriching books by Dr. Phillips at . Here are the titles of some other books:
  • BEHOLDING THE HOLY, BEING CHANGED (presents understanding regarding the concept of God as holy and the effect of His holy presence upon individuals which influences wholeness of being and ethical conduct)
  • FAITH DEVELOPMENT OF GOD'S PEOPLE (pertains to the developmental capacity for faith as meaning-making and, as such, provides identity leading to maturity, which is considered a basic stage developmental theory in the area of human development)
  • KINSMAN REDEEMER (the concept of kinsman redeemer in the Old Testament provided for preservation of family and family honor; as the closest male relative, the kinsman redeemer would give of himself and his resources to restore a related family to wholeness)
  • SILENCING THE ROCKS: WORSHIP THEORY AND THERAPY, THE KEY TO VICTORY! (True worship does not consider benefit to self but entails worship of God solely for who He is. Nonetheless, there are side benefits to the worshipper which are realized as one becomes immersed and enraptured with God in the process of worship. Although God does not need humanity's worship because He is complete in Himself, humanity is created with the need to worship God. It is therein that life, strength, and victory occur.)
  • A WOMAN'S PLACE: WHAT DOES THE NEW TESTAMENT REALLY SAY? (What does it really say about (1) women in relation to men: essence, distinction, function and marriage, and (2) women in ministry: prayer and prophesying, silence, teaching and authority and ministering?)
  • A ROCKY ROAD ON THE WAY TO THE KINGDOM: WHY DOES THE GOOD GOD LET BAD THINGS HAPPEN? (This work is a Theodicy, which deals with the issue of the good and all-powerful God temporarily allowing evil and suffering in the world. A study such as this does not have all of the answers, but it enables growth in the knowledge of God and His ways. As a result, encouragement is provided in all situations as trust is put in the good, all-powerful God who delights to bless.)
  • OLD TESTAMENT SUPPLEMENT (written to provide additional material not covered in most introductory Old Testament textbooks)
  • THE APOSTLE PAUL, GOD'S MAN FOR THE HOUR, AND THE CLOCK'S STILL TICKING (includes themes for the writings of Paul, areas of development life stages with spiritual growth, the life of Paul, the person of Paul, the spiritual development of Paul, proposed chronology of Paul's life, and maps of Paul's journeys)

Also check out the superb biblical tour manuals containing first-class teaching and photos.


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